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The outcome of a criminal case can have profound effects on your life. The quality of legal representation you retain to defend you can significantly impact the result. Thus, it is imperative to hire an attorney who knows what they’re doing and who has a record of success in these types of matters. At Law Offices of Grech & Packer, throughout our 50 years of combined experience, our Riverside defense lawyers have achieved victories for past clients. Read more below. If you need skilled legal counsel, call us at (951) 291-0105 or contact us online today.

  • $1,100,000
    M.A. v. City of Hemet
    $1,100,000 settlement for our unarmed client who was shot in the back as he fled from police
  • $875,000
    M.A. v. County of Riverside
    $875,000 settlement for our client who was beaten unconscious by deputies after a police chase
  • $750,000
    A.Y. v. County of San Bernardino
    $750,000 settlement for our client who was beaten and kicked in the head by deputies.
  • $300,000
    P.E. v. City of Hemet
    $300,000 settlement for our client who was pursued and attacked by a canine. The canine held our client for several minutes before officers arrived and instructed the dog to release our client. Our client suffered nerve damage in his arm.
  • $250,000
    K.M. v. City of Hemet
    $250,000 settlement for our client who was shot with beanbag rounds by police officers.
  • Life Sentence Reversed
    Drug Distribution
    People v. R.P. - The defendant was charged under the "three-strikes" law with sales of cocaine and was sentenced to twenty-five years to life. However, the defendant had been subject to gross prosecutorial misconduct, which his previous lawyer had ...
  • Not Guilty
    Attempted Murder
    People v. Joey P. - The accused was charged with three counts of attempted murder, special allegations involving use of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance.He faced three 25 to life terms if convicted. The jury returned not guilty ...
  • No Jail Time
    Domestic Violence
    People v. G.B. - The District Attorney charged the defendant with numerous felony domestic violence counts. After successfully obtaining an order for the defendant's release on his own recognizance, the jury acquitted the defendant of a number of ...
  • $250,000 Settlement
    Unarmed Client Shot by Police with Less Than Lethal Weapon
    In this case, our unarmed client was shot by police with less than lethal weapons that shoot beanbags or rubber rounds. The excessive force caused our client to be rushed into emergency surgery.
  • Acquitted of All Charges
    Attempted Murder
    People v. A.L. – Client charged with multiple life offenses in case where he was seen on video firing at a crowd. Jury acquitted client on all life offense charges.
  • Acquitted of All Charges
    Attempted Murder
    People v. B.B. - The defendant was a juvenile charged as an adult with attempted murder, shooting at an occupied vehicle and other violent offenses. For nearly a year the defendant sat in juvenile hall awaiting trial. Following jury trial, the ...
  • $875,000 Client Settlement
    Evading Police
    Defendants argued that our client evaded law enforcement in a dangerous high-speed pursuit, during which the motorcycle-mounted deputy claimed that our client tried to kill him by slamming on the breaks. Once pulled over, our client was pulled from ...
  • $300,000 Settlement
    Police Canine Bite
    Our client was attacked by a canine who pursued him and held him for several minutes before officers released the bite. This resulted in nerve damage in our client's arm. The settlement was for $300,000.
  • $1,100,000 Settlement
    Unarmed Client Shot by Police
    This 1.1 million dollar settlement resulted after a police shooting. Officers shot our unarmed client in the back at the end of a vehicle chase.
  • Acquitted of All Charges
    People v. T.D.
  • Probation
    $43 Million Embezzlement Case
    People v. D.D. - Probation on $43 million embezzlement and conflict of interest.
  • Acquitted of 1st & 2nd Degree Murder
    People v. V.R. - acquitted of first and second degree murder; sentenced to probation on voluntary manslaughter
  • Reduced to Misdemeanor
    Human Trafficking
    People v. S.S. – Client charged with life offense for human trafficking. After months of negotiations, case resolved for a misdemeanor.
  • Case Dismissed
    False Police Report
    People v. S.H. – Client charged with making a false police report and providing false information to a police officer. After months of negotiation and litigation, case dismissed in its entirety.
  • Charges Dismissed
    Date Rape
    People v. K.R. - 18 year old man arrested and charged with date rape. Charges dismissed after extensive defense investigation.
  • Investigation Dropped
    People v. T.B. - Murder investigation dropped after defense investigation provides evidence of victim suicide.
  • Reduced to Misdemeanor
    Worker's Compensation Fraud
    People v. G.S. - Owner of large contracting firm charged with multiple felonies involving Worker's Compensation Fraud. Charges reduced to misdemeanor.
  • Resentenced and Released
    People v. S.K. – Client was the first person in Riverside County to be resentenced and released pursuant to California’s Senate Bill 1437 which changed the definition of murder.
  • Investigation Dropped
    People v. Industrials - Large manufacturing company investigated for homicide involving industrial accident. Criminal investigation dropped. Civil fine negotiated.
  • Acquitted of All Felony Charges
    Burglary, Assault and Evading
    People v. J.H. - The defendant was charged with felony 1st degree burglary, assault and felony evading along with multiple "strike" allegations. He was facing 83 years to life. Following a six-day jury trial, the jury acquitted the defendant of all ...
  • Probation
    Attempted Murder
    People v. J.R. - The defendant was charged with attempted murder and gang allegations. The defendant had been accused of belonging to a notorious gang in the Moreno Valley area and with the attempted killing of rivals. Following jury trial, the ...
  • Charges Reduced
    Child Endangerment and Assault
    People v. R.O. - The District Attorney initially charged the defendant with felony child endangerment and assault likely to produce great bodily injury. After a judge reduced the charges to a misdemeanor, the case was brought to trial. Although the ...
  • Charges Reduced
    People v. M.R. - The defendant was charged with robbery and the use of knife allegations. After cross-examination, the supposed "victim's" version of the events dramatically differed from what he told the police; the jury found the defendant guilty ...
  • Reduced Jail Sentence
    Lewd Conduct
    People v. Ben O - The accused was charged with 19 counts of lewd conduct with against two persons under the age of 14.He faced a minimum of 15 years to life in prison if convicted. He was found not guilty of all charges involving sexual misconduct ...
  • Not Guilty
    Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud and Theft
    People v. Ronnie D - The accused was charged along with several others with engaging in Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud and Theft. Ronnie D was found not guilty of all charges after one of the longest white collar trials in Riverside history.
  • Case DIsmissed
    Lewd Conduct
    People v. Kevin B - The accused was charged with multiple acts of lewd conduct against both of his daughters. He faced a sentence of 15 to life in state prison if convicted. After a hotly contested trial the jury hung 6-6 and the Judge dismissed the ...
  • Not Guilty
    Murder and Elder Abuse
    People v. Valerie P - The accused was charged with the murder of her husband and elder abuse against her father. During a hotly contested trial Valerie P.was found not guilty of all charges and released from custody . The case involved the use of a ...
  • Charge Reduced
    Attempted Lewd Conduct on a Minor
    People v. Robert L - The accused was charged in a police sting operation with attempted lewd conduct on a minor. The tactics used by the police were similar to and the forerunners of the internet sting operations used to catch people on a popular ...
  • Acquitted of All Charges
    People v. T.D. - Client charged with rape and facing prison and lifetime mandatory registration as a sex offender. Acquitted of all counts at trial. Jury verdicts of Not Guilty in a record 10 minutes.
  • Not Guilty
    Child Battery
    People v. B.R. - Client charged with Child Battery causing great bodily injury. Jury returns verdict of Not Guilty.
  • Case Dismissed
    Sexual Battery
    People v. J.G. - Client charged with sexual battery and facing registration as a sex offender. Trial resulted in hung jury with 11 jurors voting not guilty. Case dismissed.
  • Released On Time Served
    Habeas Corpus
    In re J.I. - Client serving life sentence in state prison. Writ of habeas corpus successful and client released with credit for time served.
  • Probation
    First Degree Murder
    People v. V.R. - Client charged with first degree murder charges facing 25-to-life sentence. Jury returns lesser verdict of voluntary manslaughter at trial. Client given probation and released from custody.
  • Charges Reduced
    Assault With a Deadly Weapon
    People v. K.W. - Client facing mandatory state prison for a strike offense of assault with a deadly weapon with a three-year great bodily injury enhancement. Case resolved for a misdemeanor assault charge.
  • Case Dismissed
    People v. P.C. - Client facing battery charges. Case dismissed following successful civil resolution.
  • Reduced to Misdemeanor
    People v. T.S. - Client facing 63 counts, including residential burglary and elder abuse, and decades in prison. Case resolved for misdemeanor Business and Professions Code violation.
  • Probation
    Voluntary Manslaughter
    People v. R.D. - Client facing voluntary manslaughter charges and 21 years in state prison. Case resolved for probation.
  • Case Dismissed
    Drugs and Weapons Charge
    People v. A.M. - Large drug and weapons case dismissed. Motion to suppress all evidence granted.
  • No Jail Time
    People v. D.D. (Beaumont Conflict of Interest Case) - Public Officials accused in $43 million conflict of interest, embezzlement and fraud case. Probation granted. No jail custody.
  • No Jail Time
    $500,000 in Workers Compensation Fraud
    People v. G.S. - Client accused of workers compensation fraud with losses exceeding $500,000. Probation granted. No jail custody.
  • Sentence Reduced
    Possession of Illegal Firearm
    People v. J.Y. - Client charged with felony possession of illegal firearms and ammunition. Case resolved for misdemeanor. No jail time.
  • Not Guilty
    Vandalism and Assault
    People v. J.G. - The defendant was driving in his car with his wife and brother when a crazed driver nearly ran them off the road. When it became apparent to the other driver that the defendant's family was calling the police, the crazed driver ...
  • Not Guilty
    Lewd Conduct
    People v. Paul M - The accused was charged with 20 counts of lewd conduct with children under the age of 14. In a trial by jury he was found not guilty of all charges and immediately released.
  • Probation
    Facing Life for Sex Offense
    People v. T.W. - Client facing life sentence for sex offense. Case resolved for probation.
  • Death Sentence Rejected
    Capital Murder
    People v. Z.S. - The defendant was charged with capital murder and gang allegations. After months of litigation , the jury spared the defendant's life rejecting the prosecution's plea for a death sentence.
  • Not Guilty
    Child Battery
    People v. B.R.- Brian R was on trial for Child Battery causing serious bodily injury. He had a strike under the three strikes law and was facing over 12 years in prison. The case involved accusations by his teenage son and his ex wife arising out of ...
  • Client Released From Prison
    Appeals Case - Murder
    People v. P.L. – In case of first impression in the state of California, client sought resentencing based on changes to felony murder doctrine in California. After months of litigation by Mr. Packer in the Superior Court and outside appellate counsel ...
  • Probation
    Attempted Murder
    People v. S.F. - The defendant was charged with attempted murder and mayhem following a brawl at a local bar. Following jury trial, the defendant was acquitted of all of the most serious charges and was granted probation.
  • Not Guilty
    Child Endangerment
    People v. M.W. - The defendant was charged with child endangerment after he disciplined his 14-year old daughter. Asserting that the Government had no right to interfere in the sanctity of a parent's right to discipline their children, the jury ...
  • Reduced Sentence
    Attempted Murder
    People v. J.U. - The defendant was charged with attempted murder and gang allegations and was facing a life sentence. Mid-way through trial, the prosecution agreed to dismiss the attempted murder charges in exchange for a lesser sentence. The ...
  • Charges Dismissed
    Aggravated Child Molestation
    People v. G.G. - The defendant was charged with aggravated child molestation and faced life in prison. Because of the aggressive and diligent work of our office, the District Attorney dismissed all charges on the day of trial.