When You Need the Best Legal Team

Experience at Trial: The Critical Factor in a Criminal Defense

There is no substitute for actual trial experience. Lawyers hone their trial skills over a period of time. There is more to defending a criminal accusation than legal knowledge. A successful defense case is not only well-crafted with regard to evidence and witnesses presented in court, the ability to present a case in a persuasive manner is an element that may be the most significant factor in the final decision by a jury.

When seeking a criminal lawyer to defend against charges, it is well established that the most talented trial lawyers have a better record of success. The same is true of prosecutors. As with all professions, there are varying levels of ability. Those who are accused of committing a crime, whether a violent crime, sex crime, weapons crime or theft crime, are advised to search for a criminal defense lawyer that has a long track record of success at trial.

Another advantage can be experience serving on the other side of the aisle – former prosecutors. Those who have a real insight into the criminal justice process often have a history serving as a criminal prosecutor. Not only does this allow the criminal lawyer to understand the various strategies that will be employed in an effort to convict, they understand fully that this is the duty of the prosecuting attorney, and how to work within the system to try to achieve a better outcome through negotiations. If the criminal case has serious flaws, such as violations of rights or a failure in some aspect of the system, whether law enforcement procedures, labs, witness issues or other opportunity, these are matters that should be exploited fully. Not all lawyers are created equal. Ensure that you have experience on your side if you are facing criminal charges.

At the Law Offices of Grech & Firetag, the criminal defense team is made up of a former Deputy District Attorney and a former Deputy City Attorney, both of whom are certified by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization, as Specialists in Criminal Law.