Explosives Found in Riverside Home

A man was arrested on January 30, 2013 after a raid by police and federal agents on his home. It is reported that a large cache of explosives and weapons were discovered inside the home. The FBI, ATF and Riverside Police were all involved in the raid, and the house is reported to have been booby-trapped with trip-wires to alert the man should anyone be near his home. The police are reported to have found various weapons, including two cannons.

Neighbors have conflicting stories about the man. One neighbor reported that the man taken into custody, William Lawrence Hunziker, was merely an eccentric person that liked to make fireworks, while another reported that she heard gunshots at night on several occasions. Some in the community believe that Hunziker was targeted unfairly by neighbors and police due to having a messy home and yard.

When federal agencies as well as local police are involved in a case involving weapons, the situation is extremely dangerous. If it is established that there were illegal weapons in the home, charges will be filed related to illegal possession. Whether the man liked fireworks, or was planning to make bombs as is being suggested by the authorities is unclear.

Any person accused of illegal possession of weapons, or facing criminal accusations regarding the production of explosives could have a tough road ahead legally. Charges against the man could be filed in either state or federal court, based upon the results of the search, which is ongoing.

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