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If you have been stopped for suspected DUI, it is likely that the police asked you to take either a breath test or blood test to determine if you were driving while intoxicated. If your results show a percentage of .08 BAC or higher, you will be charged with DUI. This may seem cut and dry, but the fact is that the police have to follow exact procedures for a breath test or blood test to be valid.

What is BAC Evidence?

BAC means Blood Alcohol Content or Blood Alcohol Concentration, and it is used to describe the amount of alcohol in the blood. At .08% BAC a person is considered to be legally drunk, and can be arrested for intoxicated driving. The principal ways to check for BAC are the breath test and the blood test. Police must follow procedures exactly for the results to be valid. If you have been arrested for DUI based on a test for BAC, you need to obtain strong and effective representation to defend against charges. DUI conviction can result in such penalties as incarceration, a stiff fine and license suspension.

Determining Blood Alcohol Content

The breath test does not directly measure BAC. Rather it tests of the concentration of alcohol in the breath. This is multiplied by a factor to estimate the BAC. The breath test can be unreliable if the machine has not been calibrated, or if the subject suffers from a physical condition, burps, or vomits. The result is also invalid if the police officer fails to turn off the police radio before administering.

The following factors can affect your BAC:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Drink strength
  • Metabolism

The blood test is more reliable as it directly tests BAC. Still, blood testing must be done according to procedure to be valid. The technician must be properly certified. The technician may not use alcohol to clean the skin before taking the staple. The sample must be properly refrigerated and the chain of custody maintained.

Defense Against Breath Test Results

A breath test does not directly measure the level of alcohol in the blood, but rather the amount of alcohol on the individual's breath. This number is then multiplied by a factor to determine the percentage of alcohol in the blood. The driver will be asked to submit to a breath test, which can be administered by a breathalyzer or other type of breath machine. This testing is not exact, and rather the results are an approximation.

They may be challenged if:

  • The breathalyzer has not been recently calibrated.
  • You suffer from a physical condition such as diabetes.
  • You have a cold or fever.
  • The police failed to turn off their radio before administering the test.
  • You burped or vomited.
  • The weather is cold and the breathalyzer is not adjusted.

It is the police responsibility to check for these things and administer the test properly, and if they fail to prevent such errors, the results of the test may be invalid.

Fighting Blood Test Results in Riverside

The amount of alcohol in the blood can also be measured by drawing a sample of the driver's blood and having a trained technician analyze it in a lab. Though directly measuring BAC, a blood test can be tainted or determined invalid if police or lab technicians fail to follow procedures.

Results may be called into question if:

  • The technician is not properly certified.
  • The skin is cleaned with alcohol prior to drawing the sample, which contaminates the reading.
  • The sample is not properly refrigerated.
  • The chain of custody of the sample is broken.

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