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Underage DUI in California

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The state has a zero-tolerance law for drivers under age 21. This means that a driver with .01% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) may be arrested for DUI. An individual’s BAC can reach .01% after drinking only one 12 ounce beer or a 4 ounce glass of wine! The legal consequences are harsh, including fines and driver's license suspension. Furthermore, upon conviction the child will have a DUI on his or her record, which may affect future college, scholarship, and employment opportunities. It is imperative that you retain experienced DUI defense as soon as possible to protect your loved one’s rights and interests during their criminal proceedings and DMV hearing. .

Underage DUI Penalties

For drivers under age 18, the child's license will be suspended until age 18 or for one year, whichever is greater. For those over 18 but under the age of 21, license suspension will be for one year. The judge may also choose to confiscate the child's vehicle.

If the child’s BAC is found to be .05% or above, the prosecutor may seek to increase the charges to an adult DUI. This means that child is subject to going to jail and other adult penalties if convicted of drunk driving. Where the child refuses to submit to alcohol testing, the license will be suspended for one year.

As in adult DUI, there are actually two prosecutions against the child, one in the court system on the criminal charges and another at a DMV hearing over whether the license is to be suspended. It is vital to be represented by an experienced DUI attorney at both hearings. Do not delay. The accused young person has only 10 days from the arrest to appeal to the DMV for a hearing.

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We understand the plight of the underage driver charged with DUI. We work tenaciously to defend the driver from the consequences of conviction and to preserve his or her privilege to drive.

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