What is Grand Theft?

Taking someone's property without their permission with the intention of depriving them of this property is known as theft. There are many different types of theft that someone can be charged with, which include larceny, embezzlement, shoplifting, receiving stolen property, and using property without the permission of others. Larceny is a crime that occurs when someone takes the physical property of another person.

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Arrests - Grand Theft

When can you be charged with grand theft?

There are two kinds of larceny, petty or grand, which indicate the value and type of the property stolen. Grand theft is the more serious crime, with a higher value of the stolen property. In order to prove grand larceny, it must be shown that property was stolen from someone else without their permission with the intention of denying their right to their goods.

In order to be considered grand theft, the goods taken must:

  • Be valued at above $950
  • Be a car, a firearm, or certain animals
  • Stolen directly from a person's body

Valuing goods can be done by determining their fair market value, the highest amount they would reasonably be valued at, or the standard retail value of the goods. Automobile and firearms of any value are considered to be stolen by grand theft due to the size and danger they pose to others.

Under California law, grand theft can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the details of the case. If a firearm was stolen, the penalties are increased and additional charges can apply if the property's value was significantly higher than $950.

Common defenses to grand theft include showing that the stolen property actually belonged to the accused, the goods were unintentionally stolen, they were taken with the other person's consent, or by false accusation.

There are many ways someone can be charged with grand theft in California, and a skilled criminal defense attorney will know how to build a strategic defense for any case. With one of the few board-certified criminal defense attorneys in California, our firm has shown that we are extremely dedicated to protecting the freedoms of our clients.

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