Riverside Kidnapping Lawyer

What Constitutes Kidnapping?

Kidnapping refers to the movement of a victim against his or her will or the holding of the victim in a confined area. In certain circumstances involving these acts, a parent without custody may be charged with the kidnapping of his or her own child. Kidnapping is a felony and can thus result in severe penalties including imprisonment. Contact a Riverside kidnapping attorney immediately if you have been charged with kidnapping. It is important that you do this before making any statements to police or taking any actions with your case.

At Grech & Packer, we are Certified Specialists in Criminal Law. Our superlative knowledge, competence and expertise in and out of the court room can make all the difference to your case. Our Riverside kidnapping attorneys understand that being charged with a crime is an incredibly upsetting and disturbing experience and we wish to help you through this difficult time.

What Factors Are Considered in Kidnapping?

Obvious factors reviewed in a kidnapping case include the degree of movement of the victim and whether or not the proposed victim was in agreement. Whether the victim was kept in isolation from their usual environment is also relevant. If an incidence of kidnapping is established, other factors as also considered to establish the severity of the crime, as well as sentencing. These can include whether or not the victim was harmed and the duration and conditions of their confinement. The defendant's intent will also be considered, for example, whether or not ransom demands were made, or another kind of crime was intended along with the kidnapping.

When your freedom and reputation are at stake, there can be no compromise with the quality of your legal representation. We can provide you with a clear understanding of the process involved and offer confidence that you are represented by an incredibly skilled defense attorney. We will fight for your rights and pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact a Riverside kidnapping attorney immediately at (951) 291-0105 for help in your felony case if you have been accused of kidnapping.


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