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Aggressive Defense Against Counterfeiting Charges in CA

Counterfeiting and other white-collar crimes in California can lead to serious criminal penalties if convicted. If you're facing counterfeiting allegations in Riverside or the surrounding area, securing a strong defense from a qualified counterfeiting defense attorney is imperative to avoid life-altering consequences.

Whether you were unaware of your actions or simply made an honest mistake, our Riverside criminal defense lawyers can aggressively defend your rights in criminal court. With over 65 years of combined experience, our skilled team at the Law Offices of Grech & Packer is well-equipped to represent your best interests in court while fighting tirelessly to drop or reduce the charge against you.

If you’ve been accused of counterfeiting in California, securing an experienced defense is crucial. Contact us online to consult with a Riverside defense lawyer.

What Is Counterfeiting in California?

Counterfeiting is a criminal offense codified in California Penal Code § 475 PC. Under state law, it’s illegal to possess a counterfeit item. Defendants in possession of counterfeit items with the intention of defrauding another person can be charged with counterfeit, a type of forgery crime in California.

Counterfeiting entails any production of currency, documents, and items for the purpose of deception. Forgery and counterfeiting can entail the use of various items and methods, such as:

  • Checks
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Money orders
  • Goods and products

In California, counterfeiting and other types of forgery can manifest in various ways. Common examples of counterfeiting include:

  • Counterfeit goods: Manufacturing, selling, or possessing counterfeit designer merchandise such as clothing, handbags, shoes, or accessories from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tiffany, Adidas, Nike, etc
  • Forging documents: Creating or altering official documents, such as identification cards, driver's licenses, passports, academic certificates, or government-issued permits
  • Using counterfeit money: Producing fake currency, including counterfeit bills or coins, with the intent to use them for purchases or to deceive others
  • Using counterfeit prescription medications: Manufacturing or distributing counterfeit prescription drugs, posing significant risks to public health and safety.
  • Counterfeit automotive parts: Producing or selling fake automotive parts, including brake pads, airbags, or electrical components, which can compromise vehicle safety

Counterfeiting Penalties in California

Counterfeiting is a wobbler offense in California, meaning that it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the nature and circumstances of the crime committed.

While the exact criminal penalties vary from case to case, defendants can generally expect the following penalties to ensue after a counterfeiting conviction:

  • Counterfeiting misdemeanor – Up to 1 year of imprisonment
  • Counterfeiting felony – Up to 3 years of imprisonment

Understanding Intent in Counterfeiting Cases

Keep in mind that defendants aren't required to execute an act of fraud to be charged with counterfeiting, as intent is the primary factor when it comes to counterfeiting charges. In other words, the defendant is guilty if they act with the intent to defraud another person, such as:

  • The accused possesses or receives a counterfeit item with the intent of passing it on
  • The accused possesses an incomplete check with the intention of completing it for personal gain
  • The accused possesses a completed check with the intent to pass it on

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