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As citizens of the United States, all of us are guaranteed certain rights under the Constitution. These civil rights include the right to due process if we're ever accused of a crime, for example, or the right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. When these rights are violated by the agencies we trust to uphold them, then legal action is called for. Victims of these civil rights violations are often exposed to unacceptable actions that absolutely should be answered for.

At Grech & Packer, we take civil rights violations very seriously. These cases aren't just troubling because of the victims they leave in their wake, but because, if they are not addressed by our court system, we as a society are letting the powers that be know that these inexcusable actions are permissible. At our firm, our dedicated Riverside civil rights lawyer seeks swift, decisive outcomes to these cases that provide proper restitution for our clients and their loved ones.

$875,000 Client Settlement

Defendants argued that our client evaded law enforcement in a dangerous high speed pursuit, during which the motorcycle-mounted deputy claimed that our client tried to kill him by slamming on the breaks. Once pulled over, our client was pulled from his vehicle and beaten unconscious even though he complied with deputy commands after stopping. Putting together an aggressive case, we were able to convince the judge that the officers used excessive force, resulting in a $875,000 settlement for our client.

Do you believe that your civil rights have been violated? Contact our firm today to start assessing your legal options with a proven advocate.

Civil Rights Violations

There are countless ways an individual, an agency, or a company could violate someone's civil rights. Most frequently, however, these violations occur during law enforcement's interaction with the public. Police are trained to operate within the boundaries of these rights, but, countless times every year, people all over the country are subjected to treatment that violates their rights as a citizen.

Our firm is prepared to handle cases involving:

If you believe that you or a loved one has had their civil rights violated under one of these circumstances, then the time to speak with legal counsel is now. Contact our firm today to get started.

Why Grech & Packer?

Victims of civil rights violations can be unsure of where to turn—or if legal action can even be taken against those responsible. Attorney Paul Grech is specially positioned to help a client assess their circumstances and, if needed, take action against the parties at fault. As a former prosecutor and officer of the court, Attorney Grech was expected to not only recognize but uphold the civil rights of those accused of crimes on a daily basis. He knows when police conduct crosses the line and who is accountable when it does.

Additionally, these cases often mean filing suit against government agencies with seemingly endless legal resources. Plaintiffs need to take a careful, thorough approach to these lawsuits because, in many cases, there will be an effort to discredit their claims. Attorney Grech's courtroom experience means he knows how to thoroughly and compellingly present a case that will make the unacceptable violation of your rights undeniable.

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