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Embezzlement Charges

White Collar Crimes Defense in Riverside

Embezzlement is one of many types of white collar crimes that can result in severe penalties. This type of offense is often referred to as an employee theft, as the majority of these crimes occur between employees and their employers but could also occur between two spouses or in any case where funds are being transferred from one person to another. By definition, embezzlement is the act of taking or withholding money or other assets for personal gain. If you have been arrested, you need to contact the firm right away to ensure that you receive outstanding legal representation for your case.

Understanding the Charges

Under California Penal Code 503 PC, embezzlement is considered a form of theft, which means conviction for this crime could lead to harsh sentencing. In order to prove that you are guilty of embezzling funds, the prosecution must show that you had a relationship with the alleged victim and that you specifically and knowingly received funds in a fraudulent manner. It must also be proved that you were trusted to handle money or assets of the victims. These charges are incredibly serious and prosecutors will work hard to pursue conviction; therefore, your future depends on the strength and experience of your defense team.

Enlist a Proven Criminal Defense Team in Riverside

Although you may be feeling frustrated and upset at the situation you are facing, you can rely on a trusted Riverside criminal defense attorney to provide you with outstanding legal counsel and aggressive defense for your case. There are a number of possible defenses against embezzlement charges, and our team can actively challenge the allegations. We can explore such defenses as that you either received the funds or property in "good faith" and you were upfront about taking the property – assuming that no harm would come from the taking or that you lacked criminal intent. Of course, there is always the defense of wrong place, wrong time and that you are being falsely accused and are therefore innocent. Even if you are "guilty" of embezzling, we can seek lesser charges or work to have your case dismissed.

It is important that after an arrest you act quickly to retain the representation you deserve. At Grech & Packer, you can rest assured that your case will be aggressively handled by one of our highly experienced criminal defense lawyers.

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