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Sex Offender Registration in California

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Conviction for a sexual offense in California is punishable by a number of penalties, perhaps the most damaging of which is mandatory registration as a sex offender. A person is subject to sex offender registration under Penal Code 290 for most offenses involving rape or sexual battery, most acts involving minors, child pornography, forced acts involving oral copulation, and indecent exposure, among other crimes. If you are charged with a sex crime, do not wait to enlist the defense of a Riverside criminal lawyer to help you fight the allegations and possible penalties.

Sex Offender Registration Requirements

If your sentence includes sex offender registration, you must register your primary address with your local police or sheriff's office in person within 5 days of your release. The court that handled your case will notify the California Department of Justice and they will monitor whether you complied with reporting requirements.

Sex offender registration requirements include:

  • At minimum, annually updating your information at your local law enforcement office within 5 days of your birthday; if you are designated as a sexually violent predator you must update your information every 90 days
  • If you move you must report your new address to the local law enforcement offices at your old location and new location (if you relocate to a new city) within 5 days of the move
  • If you are transient and have no permanent residence, you must update your information with local law enforcement in the area of which you are staying at least once every 30 days
  • If you are enrolled at or employed at any California college or university, you must also register your information with campus police (or local law enforcement) within 5 days of your enrollment or employment and register your information within 5 days of leaving the institution
  • If you apply for or accept a paid or volunteer position that involves working with children, you must disclose your sex offender status to the organization at the time of your application or acceptance of the position
  • If you change your name, you must update your information with your local law enforcement office within 5 days

The Impact of Megan's Law

The information you report to your local law enforcement office is forwarded to the California Department of Justice and entered into the Sex Offender Tracking Program. Information about California sex offenders is available for public viewing through the state's Megan's Law website.

The amount of information made public on the site is dependent upon the type of sex crime you were convicted of, but the information that is available for online viewing can include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your photo
  • Identifying information, such as your weight, height, eye color, tattoos, scars, etc.
  • The offense of which you were convicted

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