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Were You a Victim of Excessive Force in Riverside?

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During the course of properly carrying out their duties, police officers often have to apply force to citizens who are resisting arrest or pose a threat to themselves or others.

We as citizens, however, trust that law enforcement officers are discerning when they apply this force and only use it when it is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and citizens frequently find themselves being improperly treated by officers of the law.

If you believe that you have been a victim of excessive force at the hands of law enforcement, then Grech & Packer is ready to hear your story. Our civil rights law firm believes that unnecessary violence at the hands of police officers is unacceptable. This type of conduct is a clear violation of the victim's civil rights and needs to be accounted for under the law.

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Defining "Excessive Force"

There is no legal definition of excessive force, so each excessive force claim needs to be carefully examined on a case-by-case basis. This kind of improper conduct can occur any number of ways, but many examples of excessive force share common elements.

Excessive force can be best proven when:

  • The victim was shown to be cooperating with police
  • The incident was not initially violent
  • The police officers contributed to any violent escalation
  • The police officers acted violently first
  • The police officers acted vindictively
  • The victim was clearly not involved with the incident the officers were responding to

Proven & Knowledgeable Attorney

If you believe one of these factors was present in your encounter with police, then you may have a case against the law enforcement agency that hurt you. Our proven and knowledgeable Riverside civil rights lawyer can help you assess the circumstances of your case, collect any relevant evidence, and bring a thorough and compelling suit to the responsible parties on your behalf.

Your excessive force injuries deserve to be answered for. Start the process by requesting a free case evaluation today.

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