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Knowingly moving drugs from one place to another either across state lines or within the state is illegal. The use of any vehicle, plane, train, car, boat, or truck and including your person can result in these serious charges if you are apprehended. If large quantities of drugs are involved the penalties upon conviction will be even more serious. A Riverside drug defense attorney should be consulted immediately if you have any suspicion that you are the subject of an investigation or if you have been arrested on charges of drug transportation.

Drug Transportation Lawyer in Riverside

In California transportation is a felony which can result in up to 9 years in a state prison. There are a number of factors which will affect the number and type of charges you may face. The type of drug and amount, if the accused has a criminal record and if weapons or minor children are involved. Conviction can result in such penalties as, fines, seizure of property and assets, loss of driving privileges, imprisonment and mandatory registration as a narcotics offender. This charge also falls under the "Three Strikes" law which can increase sentencing to a minimum of 25 years. Defense from these charges will require a drug transportation lawyer with extensive experience in drug case investigation and a commitment to criminal defense.

Our firm understands that anyone can make a mistake and most people deserve a second chance. We also know that sometimes law enforcement errs in arresting and charging an innocent person. When you meet with us, we will listen carefully to the facts which you give us to use as a basis for our investigation into your case. As certified Specialists in Criminal Law, we provide skilled and aggressive defense to our clients. When your future is at stake you need to take action to protect your rights and your freedom. Call Law Offices of Paul Grech for an immediate consultation with a dedicated drug defense lawyer.

Contact a Riverside Drug Transportation Attorney with our firm is dedicated to protecting the future of a client facing serious drug charges.

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