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Perjury in California

Perjury is the act of knowingly lying under oath or giving false statements in court. This is a serious white collar crime and can be punishable by years in prison and heavy fines. If you or a loved one has been arrested and accused of perjury, it is vital that you obtain the legal representation of a trusted Riverside perjury attorney as soon as possible. At Law Offices of Grech & Packer, our team stands ready to provide powerful representation to those accused of misdemeanor and felony offenses, and we can fight for you.

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Understanding California Perjury Charges

Perjury is a serious criminal offense in California that involves knowingly making a false statement under oath or affirmation in a court of law or other legal proceedings. Specifically, perjury is defined under California Penal Code section 118 as deliberately providing false testimony or submitting false evidence under oath or affirmation in any legal proceeding.

To be considered perjury, the false statement must be material to the proceeding, meaning that it could affect the outcome of the case. Perjury can be committed in various legal settings, including in a court of law, in depositions, in written declarations, and in other legal documents.

Is Perjury a Felony in California? 

In California, perjury is considered a felony offense and is punishable under the state‚Äôs penal codes. This is a serious white collar offense, and sentencing for conviction of perjury can include a minimum of 4 years of incarceration in a California State prison. In addition to criminal charges, those accused of lying under oath can face civil lawsuits from anyone who suffered damage based on their actions. This could include members of the public harmed due to untrue testimony presented during a trial involving them or victims of fraud caused by someone faking documents during contract negotiations. 

If you are facing these charges it is imperative that you enlist the aggressive and experienced defense of our firm as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

Fighting Perjury Accusations in California

Our team thoroughly investigates the charges brought against our clients so that we can build detailed and compelling defenses to present to the courts. We can explore a number of possible defenses that may be relevant to your situation, including:

  • Insufficient or lack of evidence. If there is no way to prove that you are guilty of the crime based on conflicting testimonies, cross-examinations and weaknesses in the prosecutor's defense you may have your charges dropped or greatly reduced.
  • Mistake or misunderstanding. In this defense, you are giving an accurate statement, even if the statement is possibly false. This is often proved through aggressive legal defense that will prove that at the time of the statement, you had every reason to believe your statement was true.
  • You quickly corrected or changed your statement. This means that at the time of your statement you quickly changed your answer from a statement that was inaccurate to one that you believed to be true.

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When you work with our firm, you can be confident that you will receive the seasoned and knowledgeable representation of a Riverside perjury lawyer who has years of invaluable experience in criminal defense. Our lawyers hold the distinction of being certified by the California State Bar as Criminal Law Specialists, and our attention to detail, devotion to our clients and ability to aggressively pursue successful verdicts makes us stand out above the rest.

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