Riverside Forgery Lawyer

Forgery Versus Fraud

Forgery is the crime of creating a false document, altering a document, or writing a false signature for the illegal benefit of the person doing so. This is similar to fraud and counterfeiting, but there are distinct differences. Counterfeiting is a specialized term for such actions only where they relate to fake money and documents exchangeable for cash, such as stock certificates. Fraud is a generalized term encompassing any illegal act in which deceptive or deceitful means are used to defraud the victim. Forgery is more specific and refers to the use of false documents for that purpose.

In the creation of false documents, the act must have some legal significance to be considered a crime. If you have been accused of fraud, do not make any statements to police, as these may be used against you.

Rather, contact a Riverside forgery attorney at (951) 291-0105 as soon as possible for legal representation and guidance.

Charged With Forgery in Riverside, CA?

At Law Offices of Grech & Packer, our Riverside forgery lawyers stand by to help if you have been charged with fraud. With close to forty years combined experience practicing criminal law, we have an impressive record of accomplishments. We will build the strongest case possible, starting with an attempt to have the charges reduced or dismissed, where applicable. As needed, we will aggressively defend you in the courtroom in pursuit of a favorable verdict or lenient sentence.

Forgery can attempt to mislead an individual, corporation or government. It can be as simple as falsely completing a form, such as a contract stating terms of sale. Falsification of sales receipts or employment documents are examples of documents used to defraud a company. Practiced against the government, forgery may include such articles as passports or driver's licenses. Whatever the specifics, forgery is considered a felony and carries harsh penalties, including possible imprisonment. As each case is unique, we will review the particulars of your case to ensure we have a clear picture of the factors involved. We will endeavor to help you through this difficult time and will aggressively defend you in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

Contact a Riverside Forgery Attorney at (951) 291-0105 today for vital legal assistance in your forgery case.


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