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Wage fraud is definitely an offense that has been increasingly committed across the United States, and certainly in California. It is understandable when overworked employees who have been underpaid file a claim that they deserve to be paid their rightful wages for their hours worked. The trouble is some have taken advantage of the system, even completely fabricating cases that they have been unjustly treated by their employer concerning their wages.

If you are an employer, even the hint of litigation can be extremely damaging to your business, as wage fraud claims cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can tarnish your company’s reputation. That's why it is essential to contact our Riverside wage fraud attorneys. The Law Offices of Grech & Packer can defend your rights.

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Types of Litigation Made in Wage Fraud Claims

To be prepared with a strong defense, it is crucial to know what kinds of claims your employees might make against you. There is a wide range of types of wage fraud, and you need to be prepared in case an employee or multiple employees try to defame you through these claims.

Common examples of wage fraud claims include:

  • Cases where staff and employees are working extremely long daily hours but are not given the promised amount of overtime pay
  • Events where employees have been willfully misclassified as “salaried employees” so they do not have to be paid higher wages for overtime hours
  • Instances where employees have worked beyond forty hours but have still only been paid straight wages
  • Scenarios where employees have been titled “independent contractors” so the company can avoid paying taxes
  • Times when employees have been offered a job for wages below the minimum wage as mandated by the government
  • Cases where employees have only been paid for day rates at a less than minimum hourly wage, even though they have actually worked for far longer
  • Instances where employees paid by the hour have been forced to accomplish extra activities for free, either for preparation or clean up, all outside of the working window
  • Situations where management has refused to honor employees with reimbursement for work performed outside of the office
  • Times where the company refuses to pay back the employee for expenses incurred for the sake of the company, business, or organization that the employee has paid for out-of-pocket

Types of Defense Against Wage Fraud Claims

Ultimately, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor. This means that the prosecutor must definitively demonstrate that you have committed a wage fraud crime beyond a shadow of a doubt. The problem is that many wage fraud claims are made under emotional circumstances due to understandable but still inexcusable financial duress.

Our wage fraud attorneys in Riverside, CA have demonstrated that employees have exaggerated or even completely made up stories about wage fraud because they were under a lot of financial stress and had to pay off outstanding loans and debt.

Sometimes employees feel they have worked longer hours, but when the facts have been thoroughly reviewed, it turns out they were mistaken in their claims. Alternatively, many employees do not pay attention to their contract's specific requirements and the fine print involved. All of these are ways that our skilled wage fraud lawyers in Riverside can cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

To discuss your case with our Riverside wage fraud lawyers from the Law Offices of Grech & Packer, contact us at (951) 291-0105.


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