Can I Drive After a DUI Conviction?

One of the most dreaded penalties for a DUI conviction in California is having your driver’s license suspended or revoked. After all, without your driver’s license it becomes much more difficult to get to work, school, or to any other vital appointments, including court dates. Fortunately, the state of California allows for first-time offenders to be able to maintain limited driving privileges by obtaining a temporary restricted license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Process for Obtaining a Restricted License

In order to obtain a temporary restricted license, there are a few steps you must follow. The most important thing is that you must not refuse to take a sobriety test, either by breathalyzer or blood test. Even though it is legal to do so, refusing to take one of these tests will automatically trigger a one-year license suspension and give you no chance of obtaining a restricted license.

If you lose your DMV hearing and are convicted, so long as you fully cooperated and submitted to all testing, your license will be suspended for one month. After this month is up, you can apply for a temporary restricted license that will restore your driving privileges in a limited capacity.

In order to apply for this license, you must first enroll in an alcohol class, which must be from a state-approved provider. You must bring proof of this enrollment, along with proof of current and valid insurance to the DMV. You will be charged a license reissue fee of $125 as well.

Terms of a Restricted License

Once this process is completed, the DMV will issue you a very important piece of paper that will function as an authorization to drive a car on public roads for a limited duration of time. Depending on how your case goes in court, this will probably last for about four to five months, but may be issued for longer if your license suspension is lengthy.

A restricted license allows you to travel to an extremely limited number of places: between your home and either work or your court-ordered alcohol program. If you go anywhere else, you must find alternative transportation.

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