How To Avoid 5 Common DUI Mistakes

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1. Never Assume That You’re Guilty

Perhaps the most fundamental mistake that many people make in their DUI case is assuming they are guilty, and acting accordingly. Like any other criminal charge, you are presumed innocent until the prosecution proves otherwise. Even if a Riverside DUI defense attorney can’t eliminate the charges altogether, they can often negotiate a plea bargain for reduced charges.

2. You Have a Right to Remain Silent – Use It!

If the police are arresting you for DUI, it’s because they suspect that you are guilty of driving under the influence – no amount of explaining or arguing will help you. Instead, you are simply giving the police more evidence to use against you, and can put yourself in a more serious situation if they feel you are resisting arrest.

3. Make Sure You Act Quickly

In California, the DMV will suspend your license almost immediately after your DUI arrest, and this suspension will stick regardless of whether or not you are convicted. You only have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV to challenge this suspension, making it incredibly important to retain a Riverside DUI lawyer as soon as you are able to do so.

For the aggressive, dedicated defense you need to beat DUI charges, call our Riverside DUI lawyer today at (951) 291-0105.

4. Don’t Drive on a Suspended License

For most Californians, the license suspension is typically the most inconvenient part of a DUI arrest. While you may be tempted to drive anyway, this can lead to more charges, more penalties, and can actually work against you in your DUI trial.

5. Choose a Certified Criminal Law Specialist to Defend You

There are a large number of attorneys who will handle DUI cases in California, but many of these attorneys do not actually defend you against DUI – instead they collect a fee, file your paperwork, and advise you to sign a boiler-plate plea deal. This is NOT the representation you want when facing DUI charges.

Of the more than 100,000 criminal defense lawyers practicing in California, only a few hundred are Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists. One such specialist is our founding attorney, Paul Grech, Jr., who has defended the rights and freedom of California residents for over 30 years. When you choose our firm for your DUI defense, that’s exactly what you’ll get – defense against DUI charges. We know DUI law, we know how to beat BAC test results, and we stand ready to fight on your behalf.

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